What is an Elixir?

An Elixir is a natural medicinal drink that has been created to taste nice.

What is different about your tonics ?

Our point of difference is that most of our tonics are created to have a pleasant taste. It is quite challenging to make herbal remedies that have a high potency and also a pleasant flavour. We do our best to create a more enjoyable  experience. We also have a series of ways we activate our medicines.


Are you a Qualified Herbalist?

Yes I am a fully qualified Herbalist. I undertook a Western Herbal Medicine Degree in 2006.


Are your products Gluten free, Vegan friendly, Organic and Natural?

Yes our products are all gluten free and vegan friendly, Nearly all of our products have organic sourced or wild crafted herbs and ingredients. Everything we use is natural and we use the highest vibrational practises when creating our products using cutting edge technologies and infuse our herbs with love and positive intentions.

Please refer to the image below for our product journey.


Why liquid herbs?
Herbal extracts are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, often giving faster results than capsules tablets or herbal teas. 


Can I operate a vehicle after consuming the herbs?

Yes absolutely you will be perfectly fine to drive if the recommended dosage is applied.

How long will it take to feel the effects? 

Usually between 1-30 minutes, depending on your diet and lifestyle.While some may feel the effects within 1 minute, others may take 30 minutes or longer. This depends on a range of variables from whether you have just eaten a large meal to how clean your diet and lifestyle is. 

If I am Sensitive should I take less then the recommended dose?

Yes use your own discretion, some people get fantastic results even from taking drop doses.


If I have a high tolerance should I take more then the recommended dose?

The dose recommended is a naturopathic standard. We only recommend using the dose specified.


Will I be able to sleep after taking stimulating herbs?

We advise to consume the stimulating herbs (Fully Charged and Uplift) before 1pm to ensure a good nights rest. Fully Charged has a 14 hour half life meaning it has the ability to last 14 hours in the body. Every body is different, some will reach the 14 hours while other may be significantly less.


How Long will my bottle last me?

This depends on how frequent you dose.
Typically a 25ml bottle has 5-8 doses                                                                    50ml bottle 10-16 doses                                                                                        100ml bottle 20-32 doses                                                                                          200ml 40-64 doses                                                                                         


How do i measure 1 ml?

Roughly 1 dropper full is equivalent to 1ml


How many Drops per 1ml?

20 drops = 1ml