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I bought your hormonal balance elixir.I have PCOS and i have tried EVERYTHING I was absolutely desperate for anything to work.I saw your elixirs and to be completely honest, had no expectation of it actually working, after I’d had such poor luck!I started using the elixir and very quickly my hormones started to balance out. I just wanted to say thank you to you. I’ve always been a huge believer that natural medicine should be used alongside ‘modern’ medicine, but you guys have really highlighted that for me.Really appreciate your work!


I Must tell you my nervous system is still so mush better and even though I’ve been very sick with with asthma and sinus. I haven’t gone backwards with my nervous system. How remarkable is that. Shows me your herbs are without a doubt healing me not just putting a bandaid on it. I also believe that you and your vibration of love and care that goes into your herbs is what resonates with my body and soul and my bodies responding in a big way. With much love and gratitude  

Sandy 💜🌷

So blown away by this tonic. The ability to tap into repetitive thoughts was harnessed almost immediately, any fears in regards to communications with friends or loved ones settled and allowed me to courageously tap in with them and tell them where I am at, peacefully. I hold a lot of fear in my gut and the comfort I feel in my gut now is reminiscent of a much happier and healthier timeline.It has allowed me to really tap in with that purging character I was telling you about.It’s been a week and a bit now and I can feel the effects perhaps wearing of just now....but the experience is there for me to tap into at will.So blessed